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Joining Instructions

Heli Go Air is located in a purpose built showroom, 300 metres to the North of 10 threshold of Manston Airport (EGMH). The site is on private ground, however falls under the ATC of Manston.

Approaching from the South

Initial call on 126.35 (Manston App) calls should say inbound to "Heli Go Air", when directed change to 119.92 (Manston Twr), take direction from Manston, but they will direct you to the Southern Boundry, when cleared to cross, crossing will be made at the 10 threshold, or the mid point (depending on traffic). Approach to the helipads direct from the Southern Boundry. The helipads are located to the Eastern side of the building, on a large grass rectangle field. A marshaller will direct you for final touch down.

Approaching from the West, North or East

Make initial call to 126.35 (Manston Approach) calls should say inbound to "Heli Go Air", when directed (usually the Reculver towers) change to 119.92 (Manston Tower), head for a pumping station located to the North of the runway (a large brick building adjacent to a main road half a mile from Manston) and then call and turn finals for "Heli Go Air". Approach to the pads is preferred from the North West. Look for the marshaller on finals.