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The SW4 Hawk helicopter is a 5 place, single turbine, light multi purpose helicopter. It is powered by a Rolls Royce C20 R2 engine (rated at 450shp) to provide reliable, economical power. The cabin has 2 sliding rear doors for unrivalled passenger access or superb access for filming works etc. The cabin has a flat floor, with no internal bulk heads or control runs, providing all seats with a spectacular view and internal room. The luggage compartment can hold 150kgs of load or large enough to fit 4 sets of golf clubs. The main rotor system is a 3 bladed arrangement with a fully articulated head and a 2 bladed tail rotor. All blades are composite. The aircraft can be equipped for all of the following roles:

  • Passenger flights
  • VIP
  • Air medical
  • Law enforcement
  • Cargo – internal, or external

The helicopter is fully EASA certified and is built to comply with FAR-27 and JAR-27 regulations. The aircraft has 5 fisher seats for added passenger safety, all five seats have a 4 point harness. The seats can be removed in a matter of minutes to facilitate the carrying of internal loads.

Technical Description

Main rotor diameter : 29.52ft
Tail rotor diameter : 4.92 ft
Height : 10.27ft
Length : 29.75ft
Width : 7.48ft
Disc area : 34.70ft


Basic weight : 2280lbs
Take off weight : 3968lbs
VNE : 140kts
Cruise speed : 120kts
Rate of climb : 1457fpm
Range : 450nm
Endurance : 5.25hrs
Hover IGE : 10,284ft
Hover OGE : 7216ft
Service ceiling : 18040ft

For a more detailed brochure and details please call the sales line or call the contact numbers to arrange a test flight.